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This article discusses Zurich’s product updates and developments in their business protection offerings and if they are a good option when looking to place business protection insurance. 

Benefits of Zurich’s Business Protection Insurance

One of the benefits of Zurich’s business protection insurance is the availability of a complete online trust journey, which streamlines the process for arranging coverage. This digital platform allows businesses to establish trusts efficiently, providing them with tax advantages and simplifying their administrative tasks.

Zurich’s business protection insurance also offers key person insurance, which helps protect companies from financial loss in the event of critical illness or death of key individuals within the organization. Additionally, Zurich provides solutions such as buy-sell agreements, ensuring smooth ownership transitions in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Business continuity planning is another crucial aspect addressed by Zurich’s insurance policies, helping businesses maintain their operations during challenging times.

Lastly, employee benefits are integrated into Zurich’s offerings, allowing companies to attract and retain talented employees by providing comprehensive coverage options.

Zurich’s Flexible Cover Options for Business Owners

Clients have the ability to adjust their coverage level and add or remove benefits according to their changing circumstances through Zurich’s flexible cover options. These customizable coverage options are designed to ensure business continuity by providing cost-effective solutions that meet the specific needs of business owners.

Zurich’s flexible cover options allow clients to tailor their insurance policies based on factors such as tax implications and employee retention. By offering the flexibility to modify coverage levels and benefits, Zurich enables businesses to adapt their protection plans as necessary, ensuring that they remain adequately covered in a dynamic business environment. This allows for greater control over insurance costs and helps mitigate potential financial risks associated with unexpected events.

Overall, Zurich’s flexible cover options provide business owners with the means to protect their assets while maintaining operational efficiency and long-term sustainability.

Zurich’s Streamlined Underwriting Process for Business Protection

The streamlined underwriting process for business protection offered by Zurich enhances efficiency and facilitates smoother communication between advisers and underwriters. This process incorporates a digital application process that allows clients to submit their information online, resulting in faster underwriting decisions.

Furthermore, Zurich offers the option for clients to self-submit their medical information, which can make them more comfortable disclosing sensitive health and lifestyle details.

The delegated underwriting benefits provided by Zurich enable clients to complete part of the application questionnaire on their own time, with underwriting decisions being sent to the adviser first for discussion with the client.

Additionally, Zurich’s personalized claim handling ensures that each claimant is allocated a specific claim handler who has received specialist training. This approach aims to make the claiming process less stressful for clients while providing ongoing support throughout the claims process.

Enhancing Business Protection With Zurich’s Fracture Cover

Enhancing fracture cover within the business protection context provides an additional layer of financial support for individuals in case of injuries related to specified fractures, dislocations, and ligament or tendon ruptures.

Zurich’s injury protection for businesses offers fracture cover as an optional add-on to all personal protection plans. This type of cover has several advantages for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Fracture cover ensures that entrepreneurs are financially protected in the event of a fracture or other specified injuries, allowing them to focus on their recovery without worrying about the financial impact.

It also provides businesses with peace of mind, knowing that their employees have access to additional financial support if they experience such injuries.

Simplifying Claims for Business Protection With Zurich

Streamlining the claims process for business-related insurance policies can simplify and expedite the resolution of claims, ensuring a smoother experience for policyholders.

Zurich’s business protection offerings provide several advantages, including an efficient claims process. Policyholders can benefit from customizable coverage options that can be adjusted to suit their changing needs.

Additionally, Zurich offers simplified underwriting processes, such as delegated underwriting, which allows clients to complete parts of the application questionnaire on their own time. This approach helps clients feel more comfortable discussing sensitive health and lifestyle disclosures and increases honesty in questionnaire responses.

Furthermore, Zurich’s fracture cover add-on provides additional financial support for clients in case of injuries, offering a lump sum payment for specified fractures, dislocations, and ligament or tendon ruptures.


In conclusion, Zurich’s business protection offerings provide a range of benefits and flexible options for clients. The introduction of Family Income Cover and improvements to life and critical illness products offer greater flexibility and convenience.

The online trust journey streamlines the process of arranging business protection insurance. Zurich’s delegated underwriting helps clients feel more comfortable disclosing sensitive information.

Fracture cover adds an additional layer of financial support in case of injuries. Overall, Zurich aims to simplify the claiming process and ensure that clients have a stress-free experience when it comes to their business protection needs.